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Dahlan Iskan

Dahlan Iskan

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Dahlan Iskan: Minister of State-Owned Enterprises

Mr. Dahlan lskan is an accomplished entrepreneur and author of several best-selling books. Starting as a reporter and driven by his extraordinary hard work and entrepreneurial skills, within twelve years Dahlan became the CEO of an ailing regional paper, Jawa Pos. Under his leadership, Jawa Pos was transformed into a major news network with over eighty newspapers, tabloids, magazines, a series of TV stations, and a book publisher. In December 2009, the Indonesian government appointed Dahlan CEO of an ailing state-owned electrical company, PLN. Rather than demanding CEO perks, Dahlan drives his own car, lives in his own house, and asks for no bonuses. Furthermore, he was just entrusted with an even greater responsibility to be the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises. Dahlan is a civil servant with a golden heart. His appearance is unassuming, very simple, and easygoing. As a fellow liver transplant patient, Karmaka visited him to share how to care for a new liver, but Dahlan ended up discovering Karmaka’s amazing life story. The narration became a book, which was an instant best-seller in Indonesia that inspired people to face life’s challenges and the younger generation to build their future.

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