Author: Desi Anwar


This collection of reflections is to remind us of some of the things we can turn our distracted minds to, when we can direct our attention to what are in front of us, above us, and more importantly, within us, using all the senses that we were all born with. They are a rediscovery of some of the things we have forgotten how to do or have put aside in favour of our allconsuming electronic toys, and an attempt to help us reconnect once more with our senses and our natural gifts.
So, why not put your smart phones, tablets, games, gadgets and anything with a screen, down for a few minutes. Take a deep breath and look up. Because at the end of the day, it is not just any journey we are making, but a journey to discover and appreciate who we are and what makes us human.


No. GM : 621221054
ISBN : 978-602-06-4059-4
Price : Rp 88.000
Total Pages : 248 Pages
Size : 13,5x20cm
Date Published : 20 Oktober 2021
Book Format : Soft Cover
Category : Self-Improvement

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Desi Anwar

Desi Anwar

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    The Art of Solitude Ed. Inggris

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