The Woman Who Dreamt of Three Birds (HC)

    Author Goenawan Mohamad
    No GM 619202019
    ISBN 978-602-06-2674-1
    Price Rp 85.000
    Size 13,5x20cm
    Total Pages 104 pages
    Date Published 11 Mar, 2019
    Category Fiction: Literary


Ths is a wonderfully told tale of mystery and magic realism, while doubling as a tightly bound
reflction on the traumas of war. Set during the bloody struggle for independence from the
Dutch, Goenawan compellingly maps out the fears, suspicions, betrayals, hope, tragedy and
timelessness of a small Javanese village where some are compelled to fiht as guerillas while others
simply choose to survive as best they can. However, there is one special woman who creates batiks and, in her dreams, she fles of with three birds into her dreamworld which holds more truths and clarity than the wounded, blurred realm that she inhabits here on earth.

—Terence Ward, author of Searching for Hassan,
Th Guardian of Mercy, and Th Wahhabi Code

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