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Victor Setiawan Taslim

Victor Setiawan Taslim

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Victor Setiawan Taslim (born 1992) is a motivational speaker who joined St. Laurensia primary school at the early age of five, as a result of his extraordinary ability to count and speak at such young age. He continued his secondary studies in Sekolah Dian Harapan (SDH) in an accelerated class where he finished his secondary study one year earlier than his friends. Victor was awarded the school-based scholarship and the ASEAN scholarship for the duration of his years of study in Anglo Chinese School (Independent), Singapore. Besides his academic career, Victor is an avid swimmer and a national-level waterpolo player. His career in waterpolo reached international qualification when he represented Indonesia for the Betawi cup.

Since 2009, Victor has been delivering motivational lectures and is an acclaimed motivational speaker for teenagers and kids. Through his various endeavours, he pursues his mission of moulding a better young generation for a better future.

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