Noto: The Return of the Prince


One rainy night, a skinny boy stood at the door during a solemn occasion, soaking wet, bearing a letter for someone in the family. Noto, the boy, proved himself to be a shrewd and bright young man, top of his class, and, by sheer determination, even established his own company before the tender age of eighteen.

Years later, after accidentally discovered who his mother really was, he was welcomed by the royal family into the inner sanctum. Everyone started to wonder: Who is this Noto? A question that even Noto himself is unable to answer, but then we watch in amazement as Noto’s life and true identity begin to unfold before us.

Set in the heart of Java, from the era of Indonesia’s political turmoil of October 1, 1965, when six generals and one high-ranking army offi cer were kidnapped and murdered, all the way through the modern time, this is a story of someone whose mysterious background marked him as a very special person, someone to be reckoned with.

While this trilogy is a work of fi ction, it is actually also a story about a culture, the Javanese, with its vital royal centers, the Kingdom of Jogya and Solo. The fi rst book chronicles Noto’s childhood, education, and adventure as a soldier; the second illustrates the merger of the Kingdoms of Jogya and Solo to form the Kingdom of New Mataram; while the third shows how Noto masterfully shapes events by working surreptitiously behind the scenes to accomplish his vision.

No. GM : 2147483647
ISBN : 978-602-03-0536-3
Price : Rp 250.000
Total Pages : 354 Pages
Size : 14x21cm
Date Published : 17 Juli 2014
Book Format : Soft Cover
Category : Historical Fiction

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Prijono Hardjowirogo

Prijono Hardjowirogo

Prijono Hardjowirogo lahir di Solo, Jawa Tengah, pada 25 Mei 1948. Dia adalah tamatan dari Long Island University dan University of California, Los Angeles, dalam bidang filsafat ilmu pasti. Dia pernah berkerja untuk beberapa badan dan organisasi dalam bidang penerbitan, termasuk Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) sebagai associate editor, Hayden Books sebagai editor, Bantam Books sebagai executive editor, Simon & Schuster sebagai Director of Acquisitions, Henry Holt sebagai Director of Acquisitions, Berlitz International sebagai Worldwide Publishing Director. Terakhir, dia berkerja untuk Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) sebagai publisher untuk lebih dari empat puluh jurnal yang mereka terbitkan dalam bidang computer science, termasuk Computing Surveys dan ACM Transactions on Graphics–yang menurut Wikipedia adalah dua top jurnal di dunia dalam bidang computer science. Sebagai publisher untuk ACM, Jono juga aktif bergabung dengan Association for American Publishers (AAP), di mana dia pernah menjadi Chairman dari Journals Boot Camp - program untuk melatih redaktur-redaktur muda di Amerika pada 2001 di Montreal dan tahun 2002 di Philadelphia.

Beberapa buku yang telah digarap oleh Jono pernah meraih million sellers status termasuk Peter Norton Inside PC dan Danny Godman’s HyperCard Handbook. Pada 2010, Jono dinamakan sebagai Professional of the Year dalam bidang Publishing oleh Cambridge Who’s Who. Pada tahun yang sama, dia juga menerima Certificate of Reco

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    Noto: The Return of the Prince

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