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I Am Sujiatmi, Jokowi's Mother


In life, respect is not determined by how high your education is, how many academic diplomas you have, how many service medals scattered on your chest; instead, respect exists when your name sticks in the heart of the people around you, when your work is useful for many people, and when you pray for a better day than yesterday every time you wake up in the morning. Life is about work and love. We live such a life in a simple way.
— Joko Widodo —

Joko Widodo is a phenomenon. He penetrates Indonesia’s political rigidity with his simple, modest and “as it is” appearance. His authentic characters make us curious of what kind of education and environment have formed him, what kind of family has created his characters, and especially, what kind of woman has given birth and brought him up.

This book is a sketch of a woman that accompanies Jokowi, when he was still a fetus in her womb until he was Governor of DKI Jakarta, and currently President of the Republic of Indonesia. The values of simplicity, honesty and being not greedy will hopefully inspire more families in Indonesia so that there will be more honest new leaders whom we can be proud of.

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ISBN : 978-602-03-1426-6
Price : Rp 60.000
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Size : 13.5 x 20
Date Published : 26 Februari 2015
Book Format : Softcover
Category : Biography

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Kristin Samah

Kristin Samah

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