Love in The Forest Burhan Uray

Author: Betty Pai


“I am so impressed with Betty's book in the Chinesse version, in which she presented to us a life of Burhan Uray we had never known. It is wonderful that she has translated it into English and allowing more people to have the opportunity to be encouraged by the story of Burhan Uray. For Pak Burhan Uray, hardship only served to strengthen his will and commitment. He emerged from his humble beginnings to become a successful businessman while giving generously back to the society. As a respected leader of the Chinesse Indonesian, he takes upon himself the mission of building a bridge of coorporation and friendship between China and Indonesia.” —H.E. Xie Feng, Chinesse Ambassador to Indonesia

“Successful man succeed after lots of hardships and struggle. He has risen to every challenge and overcome every obstacle; that man is Burhan Uray, the man of the forest. I remember during the hard time I had after taking over the chairmanship of KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) in 1994, Burhan was one of very few people who still backed me up although with a very deep political consequences. I will never forget this. “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” —Aburizal Bakrie, Chairman of Bakrie Group

“After reading this book, I could only have one word to express Burhan’s life: “perseverance”. This inspiring book of Burhan Uray definitely will tell us how to stay motivated, especially when times are really tough. It’s a real story of emotions, commitments, and dedicated works. Burhan’s journey is not easy, but he knows that is worth the effort. I could not agree more with what Betty said in this book: “Burhan is always kind and generous to those who are in need.” —Surya Paloh, Chairman of Media Group
No. GM : 616222041
ISBN : 978-602-03-3495-0
Price : Rp 185.000
Total Pages : 366 Pages
Size : 15 x 23 cm
Date Published : 21 November 2016
Book Format : Softcover
Category : Biography

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Betty Pai

Betty Pai

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  • Love in The Forest Burhan Uray

    Love in The Forest Burhan Uray

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