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Author: Heidi


Aku tidak akan berhenti Berkarya atau memberi Mengulik dan mencintai Walau tidak memiliki Aku tidak akan berhenti Mungkin berlanjut setelah mati Tapi olehnya dibuat tidak sendiri Karenanya aku berhenti mencari
No. GM : 619174021
ISBN : 978-602-06-3292-6
Price : Rp 50.000
Total Pages : 152 Pages
Size : 13.5x20cm
Date Published : 26 Agustus 2019
Book Format : Softcover
Category : Poetry

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Heidi is a writer, poet, musician and artist. Her works are primarily based on her experience and feelings. She is a very passionate explorer of arts and human conditions across genres and mediums. She stated herself that she often aches to create and that she needs to create something everyday, even if it is just a one sentence poem. She is a strong woman, a sentimental lover, a child at heart. She might just be another sad kid who could write, but she refuses to stop growing. Slowly healing and blooming, she continoues to pour her heart and thoughts on many mediums.

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