Zoza from Kasmania


This story is about the journey of Zoza, a young glolumen, who lived in the beautiful village of Kasmania. Zoza was born with a bulb, which would guide him about good characters. In his journey, the bulb helped him to grow up to become a better glolumen.

This book teaches children the importance of having good values in their pursuits of happiness. Having the bravery to do the right things, the love and empathy for others, and the mental strengths for handling successes and challenges in one’s life will always be valuable for children growing up.

Adela Gozali Yose has writt en children books, and her first book was Nelson the Boy who Loved to Read. She fi nds joy in drawing and watching movies. She lives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America.

Nelson Tansu is the Daniel E. ‘39 and Patricia M. Smith Endowed Chair Professor at Lehigh University (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA), and an elected Fellow of the U.S. Nati onal Academy of Inventors. In additi on to doing his works for pushing the sciences and innovati ons, his interests include learning about history, mentoring students, and teaching others – including their son (Axel Y. Tansu).


No. GM : 620101001
ISBN : 978-602-06-3511-8
Price : Rp 68.000
Total Pages : 120 Pages
Size : 13.5x20cm
Date Published : 03 Februari 2020
Book Format : Soft Cover
Category : Picture Books

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